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Join us on Facebook for a livestream of our entire 2019 Hillside Album Hour performance at Merlefest on Saturday, April 25th at 11:30 AM Pacific / 2:30 PM Eastern. We covered the classic Led Zeppelin IV and then some with help from our good pals Sarah Dugas, Sam Bush, Jens Kruger, Tony Williamson, and Red Young. It's a thrill ride you won't want to miss!

Find the livestream here: Hillside Album Hour Livestream

Travel back to a sunny spring afternoon on MerleFest's Hillside Stage, as The Waybacks & Friends pay homage to the rock classic, Led Zeppelin IV.

Every note of our musical adventure through that dazzling landscape, along with several captivating scenic detours along the way, has been captured in Hi-Fidelity Stereophonic Ecstasy-Inducing Sound for your listening pleasure. Add the soaring vocals of our pal Sarah Dugas and the picking prowess of friends Sam Bush, Jens Kruger, Tony Williamson, and Red Young, and it's a trip well worth taking.

Led Zeppelin with banjos, mandos, and fiddles?! What's not to like? There's even some pretty wicked guitar playing. Go figure.

Click here to get your copy: Stairway To Hillside.

Can't believe it will soon be 10 years since we began the Hillside Album Hour at MerleFest. We had no idea that our playful but passionate take on Led Zeppelin II would evolve into such a joyful and festive annual event. It's been a rich creative endeavor and adventure for us and we want to say thanks to all of the guest artists over the years who have helped make it so and to all of you who have come out to share those special days at Hillside with us.

For our 10th Album Hour, we've decided to finally cover the classic album . . . oh wait . . . it's supposed to be a secret. Speaking of which, we invite you to head on over to our Facebook page to try to decipher our impossibly challenging array of clues. Trust us, they're harder and more obscure this year than ever before, simply because you've all gotten so good at figuring things out.

That said, give it your best shot at our 2017 Hillside Album Hour Guess-A-Thon!

Hope to see you at Hillside on Saturday, April 29th for our 10th Album Hour and MerleFest's 30th Anniversary!

For any of you who were not at MerleFest this year or didn't get a chance to pick up a copy of Back In The U.S.A., The Waybacks' resonant take on Bruce Springsteen's landmark album, we have breaking news.

Featuring our pals Joan Osborne, Sam Bush, Jason Crosby, Jens Kruger, Jim Lauderdale, and Tony Williamson, this stellar performance is now available for sale over at Waybacks Mercantile. A memorable afternoon worth repeating or hearing for the first time. Head on over and pick one up!

Back In The U.S.A.

Hey Waybacks Fans & Friends

Check out No Depression's review of last week's Hillside Album Hour performance of Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA, featuring our pals Joan Osborne, Jim Lauderdale, Sam Bush, Jens Kruger, and Tony Williamson.

Born In The USA: The Waybacks' Hillside Album Hour, MerleFest, April 25, 2015

The Waybacks, along with special guests the T Sisters, Jim Lauderdale, Celia Woodsmith, Jens Kruger, Christian Sedelmyer, and Ben Morrison, time travel to 1970 for an inspired Hillside Album afternoon interpretation of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's classic, Deja Vu. Playing off the literal definition of "something already seen," the band weaves passages from all previous six Album Hours throughout this resonant performance. Deja View's cover reflects something else already seen, reflected though the lens of a performer's sunglasses a hillside filled with enthusiastic fans that continues to make the experience a joyful and meaningful adventure for all. Grab a copy and experience your own deja vu!

Click below to head on over to The Waybacks' Mercantile & Boutique to procure a copy and experience your own deja vu or two!

Deja View

Check out No Depression's interview with James Nash and teaser for this year's Hillside Album Hour at Merlefest

No Depression

Yes, it's that time of year again. We're pleased to announce we'll be back at MerleFest for yet another Album Hour and particularly excited to have our old pal, Joan Osborne, joining us to spin another classic disc from the Hillside Stage. Head on over to our Facebook Guess-A-Thon page for our usual cryptic and mysterious clues to the secret album. The winner will win riches beyond thought . . . or something. We'll figure that out later. In the meantime, guess early and often.

Here are the first two clues:

CLUE #1: We promise to treat you right.

CLUE #2: Myrtle Grant, his ex, wanted nightly bar romance.

Click here and get your best guesses on record: 2015 Hillside Album Hour Guess-A-Thon!

Our 2013 Hillside Album Hour covering Bob Dylan and The Band's iconic live album, Before The Flood, is not to be missed. Captured live at MerleFest and presented as a 2-CD set of 21 tunes, After The Flood features The Waybacks and the astounding Nashville soul singer, Mike Farris, along with pals Della Mae, Jim Lauderdale, Eilen Jewell, John Cowan, Jens Kruger, and Kym Warner. An ambitious afternoon of music well worth hearing again or for the first time!

Just click on the link below to head on over to our Mercantile and Boutique.

After The Flood

CLUE #4: A catcher in the wry managed to famously wax nostalgic.

Make your guesses at our Facebook event page. Here's the link:

2014 Hillside Album Hour Guess-A-Thon!

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