The Waybacks: Music -
From The Pasture To The Future
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01. The Petrified Man
02. From The Pasture To The Future
03. Helping Me
04. Bluebird Waltz
05. Motorway
06. Hot Kranski
07. Ninety-One
08. Armando's Rhumba
09. The Blacksmith
10. Monkey Pants
11. Strange Attractor
" few bands have produced instrumental virtuosos who can follow the lead of newgrass icons like Sam Bush, Tony Rice and David Grisman The Waybacks, on the other hand, feature hot pickers who are destined to become revered new-acousticians, thanks to their individual solo styles and the band's novel and irreverent tenor."

"This eclectic quintet ventures where few acoustic groups have gone. The music made by The Waybacks ... features some of the most exotic settings for mind-blowing picking you'll ever hear. These guys are extraordinary musicians, and their spellbinding solos will leave you slack jawed. They call their music 'acoustic mayhem.' I call it sheer genius." - BAYAREA.COM

Available either as a CD or digital download. The downloadable version includes both FLAC (lossless CD quality) and MP3 (320 kbps) files.