The Waybacks: Music -
Burger After Church
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01. Turkish Stalemate
02. Down From Iona
03. Brundlefly
04. Bright Place
05. Last Date
06. Prairie Doggin'
07. Police Dog Blues
08. Saltflat Rhapsody
09. Gulshion Island
10. The Return
11. Temporary Cheese
“A near-ideal balance of irreverence, chops, discipline, and originality…”

"The musical maelstrom known as The Waybacks blew in from San Francisco, sending up such a startling tornado of aggressively performed, high-spirited melodies as to remove all air from the room. Their inspirational combination of influences -- not to mention their recklessly brazen breakneck pace -- exposed the band as virtuosos sharing a singular mind-set." - THE WASHINGTON POST

Available either as a CD or digital download. The downloadable version includes both FLAC (lossless CD quality) and MP3 (320 kbps) files.